I have been collecting Sohana’s jewelry now for several years. They are my favorite pieces in my collection, and I whenever I wear them, I receive compliments. They are not only beautiful, they are powerful. Sohana uses stones thoughtfully, not only for their clarity and beauty, but for their energy. Sohana is not only a master jewelry maker, she is a Reiki master, and infuses all her pieces with love and protection. When I wear her necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets, I feel more empowered and energized than when I wear jewelry that may be lovely, but does not have the consciousness and energy infused therein. In addition to the beautiful original pieces that Sohana makes (that I love), she also makes custom jewelry, so if you have an idea, she can implement it. She made our beautiful Divine Feminine necklaces, as well as Divine Feminine malas. Recently my husband asked her to render our Talking Hearts logo (a heart with an om sign in it) into a sterling silver necklace. It turned out beautifully. This is now my every day necklace. She also created heart earrings, and I wear these regularly too. Designing our own jewelry and wearing it has real meaning for me, and the fact that it also is infused with Sohana’s loving energy is a real blessing!” Joan Heartfield, PhD, author of Romancing The Beloved

Joan Heartfield

I love the tranquil, uplifting energy that radiates from this piece…and how beautiful it makes me feel whenever I wear it… Thank you, Sohana, for your unique and inspiring jewelry!