About us

Gemstones enhance our inner vision, reflecting beauty, peace and harmony. “It is my intention with all of my creations to stimulate and enhance this inner vision to create a world in which true beauty, peace and harmony are reflected”

Sohana’s training as a kinesiology practitioner and Reiki Master helps her in working with the energy of gemstones. She has been a pioneer in experimenting with the use of kinesiology to see how gemstones affect our energy and has achieved amazing result over the past twenty years. Her work reflects the reality that colors are powerful enhancers of our energy and affect our mood. She finds that a person is attracted to the stones which are needed for personal growth, healing and balancing.

By using powerful symbols. Combinations of colorful gemstones and intent, Sohana creates personal power pieces to assist us in reaching our highest potential. The dragon represents power and fearlessness. Pearls have long been associated with purity, creativity and longevity. The free-form mabe pearls are a reminder that we are all unique and beautiful.